Free English video lessons

Today I stumped across engVid at This website provide more than 300 video lessons by experienced native speaker teachers (American), covering a wide range of topics,  from grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, TOELF, etc. While the videos do not provide in-depth knowledge, they are good resource for intermediate to advanced students to review English and improve their listening skills. The speaking speed is classroom standard,  maybe a bit faster than in the TOELF test, so they would be useful for practice if you are aiming for TOEFL.


English saying – 1

Today we learn a way of saying in English:

Haste makes waste.
“Haste” is used to describe an unnecessarily quick action or a thoughtless, rash, or undue speed (su voi vang). “Waste” has many different meanings. Here it means a  neglection (waste of opportunity), or anything unused, unproductive,  or not properly utilized. This tells us not to rush a work, as it will lead to waste of resources, making of wrong decisions, and resulting in imprecised products. Thus, we should take the time needed (not waiting until the last minute) to do our work.

Can you find an equivalence to this saying in Vietnamese? And can you make an example using this saying?