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Mình mới phát hiện ra blog http://luyennghetienganh.nghetienganh.com/. Nhìn sơ qua có vẻ cũng có một vài thông tin hay, có thể một số bạn sẽ tìm được thông tin bổ ích.


Improve your listening and speaking via TV shows

If you like watching TV, then you’re like me. Watching TV is not only fun, but it can also be educational. While movies are most commonly used for us,  TV shows may be a better source to improve our speaking/listening skills, since they tend to speak clearer, usually slower, and much more often.

Today let us get to know a very famous Americam TV show.  This show was once very popular, still airing now. It is also popular amongst American English learner to improve their English and some aspect of the American culture. This is also the show that brought Jennifer Aniston to fame. As you can guess, it is “Friends”.

This show a group of friends and their eveyday life. As a result, the language here is mostly informal, used for casual conversations that happen amongst friends. You can find the entire series in some of the CD stores in Ho Chi Minh city.

Short reading – writing practice

I found an interesting topic on the Learning network of the NY times. This topic was partly mentioned a couple of years ago. But, as students never age, neither does this topic. It is “What have you done to earn money?”

Here is the first paragraph:

Joshua Johnson tap dances on the New York City subways to pay for college. Cameron Stephens knew he was unlikely to find paid work in a poor economy, so he just worked at an Atlanta farmer’s market, free, until someone noticed — and started paying him. What have you done, at any point in your life, to earn a bit of money — or to gain valuable job skills, even if you worked with no pay?

Before jumping on trying to answer this, let us see what are the structure we can learn from this short paragraph.

How to use preposition:
– tap dances on the subways (not in, not under!)
– work at a farmer market (not in a market)

A couple of ways to write english (phần dịch sau chỉ là thoát ý chứ không dịch từng từ một):
– làm việc để kiếm tiền đi học: do some job to pay for college
– nền kinh tế yếu kém: poor economy
– có lúc nào (trong cuộc sống): at any point in your life
– làm việc không ăn lương: work with no pay
– tích luỹ kinh nghiệm làm việc: gain valuable job skills

Let’s start again


It is nice to meet you again. So I have successfully defended my dissertation. Now back home with more time on my hand, let us start the blog again. The plan? I think we may have a mix of posts about grammar, idioms, listening, speaking, some writing, etc., for advanced beginner to intermediate.  If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment.

Let’s start with grammar. As introduced here a couple of years ago, a very good book for intermediate leaner is “Elements of style” by William Strunk, Jr. Many of its versions can be found online, one of which is from Wikisource. For beginner and other levels, I would recommend the classic set of “English grammar in use” by Raymond Murphy, which you can find in most bookstores.

If you’d like to, feel free to share other books, website, blogs about grammar that you love in your comment below.

Have fun learning 🙂