Learn English with Podcast – Part 2

Have you tried listening to the podcasts on ESLPod? I have been listening to them a lot recently, on my way to school, at the bus station, on the bus, on my bike, when I go shopping, when I cook… Yeah that’s part of the learning process. Maybe you don’t really pay attention to what they are talking, but believe it or not, listening to talks when running errands  is one good way to improve your English. All you need is an mp3 player 😉

Of course, if you actually pay attention and listen actively, you’ll learn a lot more 😉

I really love their PodCasts not just because they are educational, easy to listen to (well, too easy for me now, but I can use their slow speed to practice my speaking), but also because they are really humorous. I am not sure if the humorous is part of the script or if it is what Dr.Jeff adds in himself, but it was certainly lovely.

What else do you need to know about ESLPod? That is their English Cafe’ session. Here you will be able to listen (in slow speed only) to various aspects of American life and American culture. You can also listen to the answers to questions from other listeners all over the world. For instance, what is the difference between “I just” and “I have just”? Between “suit”, “match” and “fit”? Answers to those questions can be found in English Cafe’ 250, where you can also learn about Comic Con and a Famous American-Houdini. I have to admit that, before listening to this Podcast, I have been using the above terms quite… freely without really care about their subtle difference.

Anyway, have fun exploring your new online resource to learn English 🙂


Learn English with Podcast – Part 1

Technically this is not really the first entry for our coming back, it’s the third 😉

Today I will introduce you to learning English with Podcast. I know this might not be new to many of you, but this is somehow new to me. I have heard of English Cafe (which is a part of their program) several years ago, but did not really pay attention to it. Now as I have finished my course work and want to refresh my English skill, I start looking around again. I came across this wonderful website. At first I thought this might be just another set of listening material, but it proves that it is different.

For each lesson, first you will hear a conversation at slow speed. Then the host, Dr. Jeff McQuillan, will repeat it again, with explanation of words, idioms, as well as corresponding cultural aspects. So, beside practicing your listening skill, you can easily repeat after him (here it comes the speaking part, and that’s what I do too), improving your ability to communicate in English, learn new words, and understand more about American culture. Their conversation are what you are likely to encounter in real life – if you plan to study in the America – and are also likely one of the topics you might hear from the Toefl test. The conversations are written by Dr. Lucy Tse.

Their audio files are free of charge, you can download them and listen to at your own pace. Their learning guides, on the other hand, are not. However, based on their speaking speed, one with an low intermediate English knowledge should have no problem following them.

Also, if you have iTunes (which is free to download and install at http://www.apple.com/itunes/), you can go to their Podcast section and subscribe for it. This way you can easily download many of them at once.

And, the website that I mentioned above is http://www.eslpod.com/website/index_new.html, I hope you’ll enjoy it (as much as I do 🙂 )

Even though you can start with any topic you might be interested in, I would recommend you to listen to their 100th Podcast – the interview of the host, Dr. Jeff McQuillan, to have an idea how they created this Podcast program, and to understand their efford.