Under Construction

This page comes from our ideas and later on, from the summary of the Contribution page.

Currently we have some open Categories waiting for posts.

1. English and Mathematics : Yeah! We are mathematics students. So anything about English and Math can be put here, anything 🙂

2. Grammar : I am wondering if we need this section, as usually Grammar is not a big problem for Vietnamese students. However it will be there for a while.

3. Online resources : This is huge! And each of us would have at least one best site that we like. Here is where to put it.

4. Review : for a website, for a English learning center, for a good book or program that helps.

5. Writing : yeah, writing. Although it is not the point in passing Toelf and Gre, it is still very important 🙂

6. English Songs : Some special English song you may like and want to share with others, here is the place 🙂

7. Just for fun: fun story, fun video clip from YouTube, …

8. Listening and Reading, speaking and pronunciation.

If you have any suggestion for more Categories please tell us – Minh Anh and Hoằng. Otherwise we will wait for your readers 🙂

For our Readers: if would like to contribute a post please see the Welcome page, and if you have any suggestion please put it in the Contribution page.

Thank you to all Authors 🙂


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