Princeton Review Vocabulary Minute Podcast

Hi all,

A while ago, we have introduced a couple of great (and free) English learning podcasts, including the ESLPod. Have you started listening to any podcast yet? If you haven’t, there is one more reason for you to do so.

Recently I discovered The Princeton Review (yes, the one who published a couple of TOEFL, TOEIC, and GRE books you found in big Vietnamese bookstores) also have their own Podcast series to help us learning English. Here you can really learn English by listening to songs. I am serious! They create songs specifically to help you learning new words. The songs aim at native English speakers, but we ESL students can still benefit a lot from them.

You can find the podcast, named “Princeton Review Vocabulary Minute Podcast” in iTunes store. If you don’t have iTunes and/or don’t want to/cannot install iTunes on your computer, try at Learn Out Loud, where you can also stream it online or download to your computer . Lyrics to some of the episodes can be found at Princeton Review Vocabulary Minute Lyrics blog.

Have fun learning new words.


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