Writing Contest – Tell us about your Tet ;)

So the new year is coming. You must be really busy with preparing to go back home, especially if you are studying in another city. Buying train and bus tickets is a hassle, especially with the price going up during this peak time. I never had that experience but many of my friends did.

So I was thinking about writing about Vietnam, about Tet (there is not an equivalent word in English, so just use “Tet”, or Vietnamese new year, or Lunar new year, whichever you feel more like using). But then… since you guys have done with course work (hopefully), why don’t we have a small contest?

So here it is, our small contest. In 500 words, tell us about your Tet. How did you celebrate it in your family, in your city (where you grew up), in Vietnam. If you are to meet some foreigners and they ask you about Tet, what do you want them to know about our traditional new year? You can also tell us more specifically about what you or your family do during Tet.

What’s the reward? We don’t have any “physical” price to give you, sorry. But the best one will be chosen, and we’ll work with the winner to improve the writing (if there is anything left to be improved), and it will get officially posted here, of course 😉

These are similar topics to choose from, pick the one you like the most and write about it. The more original the better. And if you want to write about Tet in your city and it does not happens to be a big city? Even better! we would like to know about your city, your town, no matter how big or small, promise 😉 If you love your hometown we will love it, too!

Have fun 😉


The deadline is Thursday , January 27th 2011 (one week before the new year)

You can either post your entry here or email us at englishstudyforvms at gmail dot com (meaning, englishstudyforvms @ gmail . com)


Writing topics – 1

Have a suggestion for Writing Topics? Please post it here.

About haft a week or so we will choose a new one amongst them for you to try 🙂

Note: Please don’t write off-topic 🙂