Blog’s Purpose

Inspired by Professor Duong Minh Duc’s idea of former students helping current students, this Blog is created to help students of the Mathematics Department, University of Natural Sciences at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, to study English for TOEFL, GRE and the Speak test. But don’t worry if you are not from our Department 🙂 as we welcome all guests to read and/or contribute to the Blog.

Blog will be written in English or Vietnamese. It is maintained and contributed mostly by former students of the Department, and will mainly discuss English Study and English – Mathematics Topics.

For Mathematics news/discussion/life/etc. please visit or

Want to know more who we are? Please read here for information about us.

Finally, if you have any suggestion please email us or leave it in the Contribution page.


20 Responses

  1. I am a student in the Hanoi university of natural science,in mathematics department. Next year,I am going to graduate. I always hopes that I could join in this blog to acquire more new experience as well as knowlegle in studying English for such exams as :Toefl,Gre,etc, which are essential for me. Thank you very much

  2. Dear Yen, welcome to our blog 🙂
    Feel free to leave comments and be our friend 😉

  3. hi everyone, i’m really glad to know this blog. i’m 16 year olds and now i’m studying at Phan Chau Tring high school in DNang. nice to meet all of u. thank you very much !!

  4. Hi Yen, welcome to the blog! I guess Minh Anh is busy having her favorite food in Vietnam, so I great you instead 🙂 . I’m sure you’ll find this blog interesting and helpful in many ways!

  5. thanks a lot, i find it is difficult to express what i think so i hope i can solve this problem when i join in this blog

    • Thanks các bác nhiều nha, em cũng mới bập bẹ quay trở lại học TA, có gì nhờ các bác chỉ bảo thêm 😀

  6. Let’s quarrel and you’ll find your way 🙂

  7. yeah anh Long, I am very busy now ^_^ Any of us can give greeting here anyway ^_^

  8. The site very useful.

  9. Hi! Studying E well is my most great passion when learning at university. But my speaking is not as good as others in my class. Thus, I want to improve it. Can you help me, please? We can chat voice by using skapeer. Thanhks very much.

  10. hi everybody! I’m glad to know this blog. I am a student of Business English Department of VAN HIEN university, HCMC. I am freshman. This blog is very useful for me!THANKS!

  11. This is very useful. I am in English teacher here in China. If anyone is interested I could share my time. Thanks

  12. Hi everyone. I am former student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Nice to meet u

  13. hi everyone! nice to meet you. i know this blog by chance and i so happy because this blog is very useful for me. i hope that i can make friend with everyone. i’m looking forward to your reply 🙂

  14. cung hay day. mong cac ban se co nhung cai hay hon cho chng t nhe

  15. hi everyone i see here to my career
    i hope so my English will be improved :p

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