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Apart from the online resources I introduced a while ago in the two posts “Tiếng Anh dành cho người đã đi làm” and “Tiếng Anh dành cho người đã đi làm – Phần 2” in my other web blog, which includes a couple of journals and Vietnam voanews, today I would like to introduce you to some podcasts specified in business English.

1. Business English Pod. Here you will listen to conversations that happen in regular business meeting, such as how to mingle with colleagues, how to answer in interviews, and how to  present in a meeting, etc.

2. Video Vocab – Learn English vocabularies for business through short, cute, informative videos, which always end with a short practice for the words you have just learned. As an ESL learner, you may already know or hear of most of the terms, but are not sure about…

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  1. Hoc tieng anh free danh cho nguoi di lam : http://www.yaenglish.com, thank you admin.

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