We are no heroes

Let’s relax with this lovely song 🙂

(Well… I could not embed it to this blog as WordPress does not support it. You need to click on this link to go to the song then. Happy listening 🙂 )

[Music and Lyrics: Dieter Bohlen]

You’re (1) ____ in your heart
And I swear I will be there, if you need me
Nobody’s home, (2) _________
And I’ll show you there will be a destiny
There’s a star, it shows the way for me and you
There’s a star (3) __________ what I shouldn’t do
So if you trust me I’ll stay always by your side
And I promised I’ll be your (4) ____ light

We are no heroes, but we are your friends
We all need love, oh, just (5)________, baby
We are no heroes, oh, don’t let it end
And music, music will (6)_____
There’s a chance for your dream
You are larger than (7)__________
A romance, oh, it seems
It’s so hard to find, my baby, can’t you see
Oh, I’ve lived a (8)_______, baby, in one
Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, but (9) ______
Life is too short, my baby, don’t throw it all away
And I promised, babe, I’ll (10) ________.