Wordnik – a new kind of dictionary

Today I learned about Wordnik http://www.wordnik.com/about from The daily post at WordPress.com. Even though the definition here is mostly from other dictionaries, Wordnik has a number of advantages over traditional dictionaries: it

– gives many examples (which is always good if you want to better understand a word) from major news media and project Gutenberg, blogs, ect.

– allows you to create your own profile and word lists, and share them with your friends. This is a good way to learn word, and even better with friends.

– allows you to have your favorite words: ” Logged-in Wordniks can mark words as Favorites. When you “Love” a word it will be added to your list of Favorite Words, and it will get some special hearts (which only the person who favorited the word will see) ”

– provides several lists of related words, which is great to quickly improve your vocabulary.

– has relevant images from Flickr.

– also has word of the day and random word.

Of course, it is always useful to double check a word’s definition in a traditional dictionaries.

Have fun learning new words.


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