Let’s start again


It is nice to meet you again. So I have successfully defended my dissertation. Now back home with more time on my hand, let us start the blog again. The plan? I think we may have a mix of posts about grammar, idioms, listening, speaking, some writing, etc., for advanced beginner to intermediate.  If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment.

Let’s start with grammar. As introduced here a couple of years ago, a very good book for intermediate leaner is “Elements of style” by William Strunk, Jr. Many of its versions can be found online, one of which is from Wikisource. For beginner and other levels, I would recommend the classic set of “English grammar in use” by Raymond Murphy, which you can find in most bookstores.

If you’d like to, feel free to share other books, website, blogs about grammar that you love in your comment below.

Have fun learning 🙂


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