One step at a time

We all know the story of “Thanh Giong”. It was one of my favorite when I was a kid, and still one of my favorite now. The messages it delivers however, changes with time and with me growing up.

For me, it has two main messages, one of which we should keep at heart, and the other, forget. We should keep at heart that when anything happens to our country even a child can stand up and help, so do we. It shows our strength at one. What we should forget, is the other message, that a kid can grow up in just one day, go to war and win it. It delivers the wrong message, and make us think that we don’t need to train/study hard for most days; When the time comes we just need to focus, power up, then with some miracle and the genius we are within ourselves we’ll be able to tackle any obstacle (with the concrete example of studying English and passing the TOEFL or IELT test … 😉 ) Well, forget it. One needs to learn and practice from day-to-day. Learning is most of the time not very entertaining, even boring, but without it you’ll never get to your goal of a chance to study abroad.

So, today, let us enjoy an inspiring song by Jordin Sparks, One Step At A Time.

And One Step At A Time, win your English test 😉


2 Responses

  1. minh thik may bai tieng anh ngan ngan ntn …

  2. Hay quá! :))

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