Tragedy in Japan

I heard about it, but not only when my college friend post a note on facebook about his experience with the earthquake, as well as another friend update her status about how their lives have been affected, it hits me and feels so real…

And as if the largest recorded earthquake followed by a tsunami is not enough for them, now they are facing their worst nuclear accident, according to NY Times and VOA News. They are struggling to find food on empty shelves at the grocery stores, their houses and villages destroyed. International students and officers (like my friends) in Japan of course have the experience of their life.

Pray for Japan. And for my friends, I wish them well.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for linking to the blog post from the Student Union. Our intern (from Korea) was able to get on the phone with her friend Lee, who is studying in Japan near Tokyo, and talk about the earthquake. Since then the situation has continued to evolve, and you can see some of the more recent updates on VOA’s Facebook page (

    I hope you’ve been finding the Student Union blog a useful and interesting resource about studying in the U.S. If you have studied in the U.S. or are applying to study in the U.S., we’d love to hear from you and have you share some of your experiences. Visit or email

  2. Thank you, Jessica, for letting us posted. I love your blog and hope that other students will find it useful as well.

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