And Have A Happy New Year

It is only a few days until the new year – year of the Cat. I bet you guys are now busy cleaning up your house, decorating, cooking, preparing…

This is the time for family get together. I remember how we spent the day preparing for a big meal to celebrate the new year. I always enthusiastically waiting for the “Giao thua” play (the one about Ong Tao Ve Troi), I would watch it and compare it with last year’s. I was happily waiting for the midnight, feeling the holiday spirit in the air.

Of course with years far from home, I don’t have the luxury to celebrate and enjoy Tet like that anymore. Tet usually coincide with the most busy weeks in the semester with all the midterms and students coming for office hour. However, we, students oversea, still try to gather together, having a pot luck party (party where each person bring a dish or contribute something), and celebrate it in the weekend.

Well I said we’ll try to blog everyday, but I think now everyone is very busy, this is not a good time to study after all 😉

A new year is coming. I wish you all a happy time with family and friends, and a wonderful year ahead, with full of success and joy.



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