Listening practice for the TOEFL test

Yes the test is getting harder. When I took it, it was still paper-based, when I had a chance to glance quickly at the answers first, have an idea what they will be talking about and what might be the question, and focus on it. Now with computer-based test, unfortunately you lost that opportunity 😦

However, there is still something you can do. And it was what I did back then, too. For the long talk, we all know that it will be a lecture about something, geography, science, history, … . So if you have some previous knowledge about it, even if you don’t catch everything they say, you can still guess the answer, since it is just a common knowledge 😉

So you can do some more reading, listen more on the subjects that might be on the test. And believe me, it will be helpful for your own good later 😉

I would suggest you trying NPR for this kind of listening, VOA (Voice of America) is good too, but they don’t talk much about science.


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