China’s winning schools? (NYTimes)

Let us take a break today and look at the world.

China’s winning schools? is one of the most emailed article on NY Times recently. In the article Nicholas talked about the fact that in an international study published last month, when they look at how students perform Mathematics, Reading, and Science, Chinese schools is off the charts by a wide margin.

Does it mean Chinese’s school is better than American’s? Not necessarily. (You should read the article, he pointed out many interesting points about education!) Of course there are a lot more factors to actually compare schools, so the above chart is just something for us to look at, and think… We have the similar education systems, win national and international contests. Yet they don’t even bother to test us :(( (I’m just kidding! It might just mean that they focus on countries with stronger economies.)

We need to see that by improving our English to go study abroad, or just simply to be able to read in English, to interact with people all over the world, we can learn and improve ourselves, hence our countries. I know! It is a lot easier if your parents have money to pay for you. But, think about it, many of those who success now started off from just a normal family and work their way to success. They did not even have internet and all the convenience that you guys have now.

So, go for it. Read the article, know about the world, and work for a better you 🙂

Have fun 🙂

PS: I forgot to add the deadline for the contest. It will be Thursday, January 27th. After that we’ll have one week to pick the winner and make all the necessarily changes.


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