Happy birthday to Jeff and hello to ESL Podcast blog

I am late for 2 days, so Happy belated birthday to Jeff in ESL Podcast!!! (He is one of my favorite podcasters!)

(For intermediate and advanced learners)

We have learned about ESL Podcast a while ago. Do you know that they also have a blog, the ESL Podcast blog? Apart from some posts with detail information about what we might find in the learning guides (which I believe is really helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about English and American culture), the posts are essentially similar to English Cafe. It is about some topic from the life of an American. They use authentic (of course) American writing style, wording, and idioms. New and interesting words are in bold (so it is really easy to keep track of them) and the explanation is right next to it.

I believe reading their blog will be really beneficial to anyone who is tempting to take an American-based standardized test (TOEFL or SAT for instance). It is also good even if you just want to know more about American culture, learn some more English, or sharpen your English skill like I do now. I will leave their feed on our blog for a while for easy access. You can see it on your left hand side, below the “Recent posts” and above the “Recent comments”.

Happy reading 🙂


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