Practice writing – 5 – Opening our own companies or…

This topic is suggested by Tran Viet Cuong

“Some people prefer to take a position in a company and work for the company.
Other people think it is better to go into business for themselves. Which do you think is better?

Anh here is Viet Cuong’s essay about this topic.

People have to work to earn money to pay off their life. Working is neccessery element. However, how they work, they are self-employed or  just only employee. From my point of view, I would rather be to go into business for myself. I would explore only a few primary ones here.

The main problem with this argument is that it is ignorant of the basic fact that company of one’s own has more benefit than employee. The employees get a little money, called salary,  from total profit which business gets while the employer get the part of money remaining. It also shows us why one like to become a employer.

Another reason why I think owing the company is better than a employee is that I would like to be an excellent  leader. The business only successes if leader of business has skills and techniques  such as plant one’s succession, really listen, know one’s team,…. I had studied and experienced  these skills and techniques while I was a student. So, I believe that I can lead my company to achieve great success.

What is more, I like to challenge myself to life. I like putting myself under pressure. Only pressure on
working is increasing, I can show all my ability. I want to know my limitation of capacity and how I the
feeling of pushing myself to working and get success is wonderful. How great to experience that feeling in the life.  

In a word, I prefer to be a employer rather than to be a employee because I want to earn more money
and to success in leading. Also going through the life by challenging myself is another reason.
And I want to say that my life is happier if I own my business.

Thanks for your contribution, Cuong. To others, we’re looking foward to your comments, ideas and it is even greater if you can send to us your own essay on this topic.


5 Responses

  1. I really like your writing. Your ideas are so interesting , persuative and well-arranged .
    However ,for me , I prefer working for a company than running a private company because of three main reasons : Firstly , I want to live in a harmony working environment with colleagues . Secondly , I like to get recommendation from leaders as well as my colleagues . Thirdly , I do not like being so busy like many managers . They even have less time to share with family . In short, the reason I choose to work for a company is that I want to balance my work and my life .

    • I totally agree with your Ideas, Vicky. Especially, we are women and we need to have time for our family. Three main reason you firgure out are reasonable and cohesive. If we base on these idea and develop each into paragraphs, we will have a good essay.

  2. I have the same opinion with Vicky about your essay. You did it pretty well. And I prefer to be an employee for a company than have my own one. The main reason is lack experience. I’m a young person who does not have enough skills to manage my private business. May be in the future, when i’m mature enough, I would start my own business.

  3. i wish to write as well as you do . i am still a student and my my profession doesn’t contact with business anyway. i am naval architect and living in other country. but i am interested in this topic as well . wherever in Vietnam or in others countries, all the younger, who is preparing to enter university or who is approaching to graduate, are thinking to choose the way to make future .
    some one have great ambition to be a successful leader like you. the interesting way. i think i dont need to repeat that, because you have already showed all the strong point to be a leader.
    others want to be an employee, to collect more experiences, to get recommendation from the others leaders, to balance family and career…
    everybody have own ambition and the own way to build own future. for me ,i only want to be an architect, who go to work in the morning and go home in the evening with my family after the football match with my friends. i am very confidence to talk with you that i have enough condition to be some one more powerful and richer than a normal naval architect : the second one with 29 point after entrance exam to my university and now i am studying abroad with the international grant, having enough belief in myself, some experiences about leading from high school and university, and good foundation of family.
    but i think , the peace with the field, with the mountain and the lake of my village, what brought my childhood up, already printed so deeply in my heart. i always dream about a small family with my lover ( she has been waited me for 3 years living away). i want to teach my son how to do the sums instead going on business almost the time, i want to drink tea and discuss about the match last night with my friend instead of going to the restaurant overnight with customers……….
    actually i still don’t know how to write an essay formally , and i am still a student even. and this is only the opinion of a teenage. to be honest i know my English still have so many mistakes. i am very glad if you tell me my mistake or contact with me to share , to discuss

    • I guess Cuong just wanted to have an opposite idea to get more ideas from other. Perhaps it will make the topic more interesting.

      I just want to ask Cuong. Of course when you run your own business you can do whatever you want instead of doing something required from managers. It is freedom. However i have question to you. Have you think if your business was collapsed what would happen? I mean if we compare you were fired from one company with your business is collapsed.

      I think if i were a looser because of termination from a company i will easier to overcome this difficulty than my own business is collapse.

      In life we always face with imperfect thing. So we should count the safe factor based on our own ability. It does not mean that no one can become employer. I want to emphasize on your own abilities, your experiences, and confidence in your life. There are always two sides of one issue. if you do things you should think about results whether or not you are able to deal with this.

      Those are some ideas from my side. Actually i don’t know how to write an essay. Please don’t hesitate to correct my mistakes. Thanks in advanced.

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