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  1. yeah … that is cool

  2. It seems that more and more Vietnamese students are studying English now. It is good for the future of the country. As it is an international language.

  3. hi!
    My name’s Thuy
    I’m from Bien Hoa city – Dong Nai provence
    I’m 26 years old
    I study english in next time because my english very bad, i hope, i’ll learn much from speaking enlish.
    Thank you.

    • Hello, Thuy!
      Nice to meet you. To be easy to understand each other in studying E, please supply some pieces of Infomation.
      Job ? Single or married ? Years of studying English ? What is your favourite sports, music, hobbies ?

  4. Hi, everybody
    My name is Vu, nice to meet all of you.
    English is as global language, and studying English is neccessary for every people to join into the world as well as improve themself before the develop of society and economic.
    Coming to this site i hope that i can improve my English skills, moreover i can make friend with many people in here.


  5. Nice to meet you, my name is giang, i’m 16 years old, i live in bien hoa city.

  6. hello
    my name is Quyen
    i’am 22 year old
    i am student , i live in ha noi
    nice to meet you !

    • hello,Quyen
      my name is linh
      i am a student too
      i am 22 year-old and live in HCMC
      if you would like to speak english with me, let come to my yahoo mesenger that named nguyenlinh05031988.
      i am glad to have nice speaking with you
      let reply for me as soon as possible, please
      see you in there!

    • Hi! Quyen!
      My name is Thu. Thu is called Autumn in English and Fall In American Engish. I am 26 yrs old, a lecturer of local University, my major is Finance, economics,accounting.
      What are you studying at University ? I want to know much more about you to talk in E easily. Please, introduce yourself.
      I wait for yr feedback.
      Bye !


      • Hi Thu!
        I’m a newcomer here.I like also to study E but I’m bad at listening and speaking. U can help me? I need to find 10 topics to sit for examination next Sunday.

      • hey frend i wanna talk english but i am a not known about english grammer so can u help me for emproving english

  7. Hello! My name’s Phuong Thao. I’m 13 years old.I live in Hue city.I hope everybody can come and speaking English with me. Thanks!

    • Hi Phuong Thao,

      How do you do?
      My name’s Vu, 26 years old. Now i live and work in HCMC. So, for longtime i don’t speak english and now i would like to find a freind who can pratice E with me. Do you like to pratice with me??

      Attende for reply.


  8. nice to meet you,i hope my english is better,but it’s so difficutl

  9. hi, everybody
    i am 22 year-old and living in HCMC
    i am student
    f everyone else would like to speak english with me, let come to my yahoo mesenger that named is nguyenlinh05031988 and have nice talking too
    see you later!

  10. hello,everybody
    my name Huy,i am from binh dinh,anh now i live in hcmc.iam 25 years old.i want to pratice speak english and make friend with everyone.if everyone would like to pratice speak english with me.now everyone let com to my yahoo mesenger that name is emvatoiclub1204.nice to talking everyone.

    • hi huy.nice to meet you.Iam Trieu Nguyen,wud you like to be friend? i live in dis 12.here is my yahoo Id:ntk.pink@yahoo.com but can also contact with me by dis number 0906789484…cya soon

  11. Hi

    This is Gulay.Im 30 years old.I studied English in London.
    but not enough still my English 😦 it’s very diffucult for me.what can ı do?I don’t know.


    • hello
      i’m student in hochiminh city
      i’m 20
      my speaking is very bad. so i want to practise speaking with everybody.help me, please!
      my nickname is ruacon388

  12. hi,I’m yen.I’m student in ho chi minh.I’m 19 years old
    I like english but it’s difficult.I want to practise my speak english.can you help me?
    besides, I want to make friend with everyone.
    my e-mail: hoangyen_198.
    nice to meet you

  13. hi everybody. my name xuan cuc, i live in vung tau city, now i am learning university at baria_vungtau. i want to make friend and i want to speaking english well. i think i need you to help me learn english. thank you

  14. hi everyone, i am nam from bien hoa city, i am 20 year old, i think a english speaking clup is very importance for you and me because in there, you can improve faster your english skill, i hope you can online and talk english with me,
    nice to know you.

  15. hi everybody.i’m Trang.i’m 18 years old.i’m live in Da Lat.my E very very bad.so can you help me?…if you need, call me 01253245694 or yahoo mesenger:khongyeudungnoiloidangcay_63..
    thanks for reading to me.

  16. hi everybody, my name is Lam, i was born in 1987, i want to make frend with everybody, we have together to talk english, i live in ho chi minh city, my nick yahoo id is: boyenglish87

  17. hi!my name’s Thuy, im 21 years old.i live in HaNoi.i like study English but i feel it’s hard work,so i want to with all of you.

  18. Hello.my name’s huy.i very want speak english but it’s dificult.can i help you,please.thank.sdt 01656046306

    • Hi! Nice to meet you! My name’s Mai! Sorry I don’t understand why do you use “guy”. Could you please tell me the way insert a smile face in there! Thanks! If I write to be wrong, could you please rectify? Thanks

  19. Hi guys, I really want to improve my speaking skill. Can you guys help me? If you like, keep in touch with me at nhoc_ghien_mua ( it’s my yahoo nick) thanks!!! ^^

  20. Hi, everybody!
    My name’s Mai. I am living in Ha Noi! I enjoy English but I am very lazy to speak English! I am too shy! Could you help me, Please? Thank you so much!

  21. I am Luan, 32 years old. I have worked in VSIP, Binh Duong province. Hoping all of you are healthy at good.
    Best regards,

  22. I am xuyen.I live in Can Tho city now.I want to improve my speaking and learning.Moreover,I hope I find good friends! Let conect with me.we will be better!

  23. I am xuyen.I live in Can Tho now.I want to improve my english. can we hep each orther?

  24. Hi everybody! Nice to meet you all!
    I’m Phuong. I’m 22 years old.Buon Ma Thuot is my hometown but now I’m studying in HCM city. My major is English, so I really want to make-friend with who also like English, too.
    You can contact with me via my yahoo: girl_black_eyes_vn
    See you!

    • Hi Phuong! What are you studying? What kind of schools do you studying? Have a nice day!

  25. i want to learn english better.i cann’t listen speakers native and i can not english grammar. can you help me? i need a friend can teach me english. contact me if you can!

  26. i want to make friend with foreign. i know all the people want to learn english better. i suggest we helping to each other to complete our english skills

  27. Hi everybody!
    The next Sunday I will sit for examination level C. I’m very nervous. It’s difficult for me to listening and speaking. So I need your help? I want to find 10 topics about: Youth and Unemployment; Pollution and Health; AIDS; The importance of continuing education; Marriage and Divorce; Love and Money; Computer and Life; The role of women in family and in society; The role of teachers in society; Parents and Children.Can u contact me soon,please? Thank you! This is my phone number:01666520585.

  28. Hi everybody. this is the first time i join this page and i see it useful for whom who want to improve english skills. My name is Tran and i am the final year student of Economic university in Da nang. I appreciate who design this web site and i would like to share more knowledge about english to all of you here. So if you have any wonders about English area,just contact with me.

  29. Hi guys!
    I’m so glad to join your English club. I’m a student, learning E for 1 year but speaking is still poor. I want to improve it. hope you can help me. ^_^
    feel free to contact me : truong_2443@yahoo.com
    Nice to see you again.

  30. hello everybody, my name is Tu, i am a student, you know my english speaking is not so good, please help me… i am now in final year at the secondary school and in my attempt to win a place at university, and i want to be a teacher teach english. hope you can help me. my nick on yahoo is thanhtuthanh17

  31. Hi everybody!
    I am living in Ha Noi. Today is very nice, the weather to be a bit cold. If you go out with your boyfriend, that is fantastic. Good luck and always smile
    Nice to meet you!

  32. I have just come back home. It’s very cold, the traffic is bad, the air is very dust, what a dust

  33. hi everybody.I am from Azerbaijan, BAku. i am 19 year old i am studying at the AZERBAIJAN UNIVERSITY OF LANGUAGES IN THE SECOND COURSE. Most of all i want to find friends all over the world to improve my english. with love Fira

  34. Hi Fira! I wish you have a nice day! I am Vietnamese! I am living in Hanoi. I am very enjoy English, too. Could you tell me your online address? Nice to meet you

  35. Hi everybody!!!I live in Hanoi.I’m study at Electric Power University.(actually i don’t like my university very much!) ><.Hope that i can improve my E skills with your help, for better engligh and friendship.I wanna make friend with everyone. My e-mail:let.green.09@gmail.see u soon!

  36. hi everybody

  37. Hello everyone ! I am Minh from Hanoi . I am 21 year old girl .My major is economics . My hobbies are reading , travelling and listening to music .
    Wanna make friends with all to share English experience as well as problems in life .
    Looking forward to good and humurous friends ! ^ ^

  38. hi everybody!i am thuy,i’m living and studying in ho chi minh city.i’m 22 years old.today, i know this site i’m very glad. i hope i can make friend with friends and we can practice english.my email is binhminh0172000@yahoo.com.vn.i hope we are friends!

  39. hi all,its very nice to be here, i am Nguyen,i live in HCMC.I was born in 1990 and am a student in HUFLIT university,actually i love to study english, but its hard to find a gud club to join.hopefully i will get more friends here…dont hesitate to connect 090.6789.484

  40. I met Kim Tuan in July at Love cafe 198 Bui Vien Street HCM city on 18 july 2009. I was a visitor from Wagga Wagga Australia and invited to participate in the English Speaking Club discussions on ‘Do you really love nature’.

    In July 2010 I will be returning with 43 teachers from my local district for a study tour for 8 days. If there is an opportunity for our teachers to assist with speaking english at one of your club meetings please let me know and I can make some arrangements.

  41. Hi everybody! My name’s Oanh. This is my first time to visit this site. I am wondering whether we have English speaking club here? when will it be held again? and how to join? Pls forgive me if my question looks funny! I am really appreciate your help. Thanks!

  42. Hi, everybody. My name is Jeanny, and I am 24. Come from Binhthanh dist. So, this is the first time I visit this website. If you want to make friend with me, please email for me “jeanny3823@yahoo.com”. Jeanny

  43. hi everyone!i’m Suong. i feel so lucky when i enter this web ‘cuz a lot of people like eng the same me. fooling around with me to study eng oki. improve eng together! call me:01228649800 or baby_miss_you_25989@yahoo.com

  44. hi!i’m nguyen.i’m from hochiminh city.i’m 20.i’d like to chat voice with people who can speak english.if you want to make friend with me, pls send sms to ruacon388.thanks and see u later.

  45. Hi everyone ! I’m Giang ( John ). I’m staying in Hanoi 2. I’m 20. I’ll really happy if I can meet who Love english ~~~~ If you wanna have a speaking class in Hanoi, I think we can do that. Can you keep in touch with me by my cell phone : 0904660377. I always have time for all of you. See you soon !!!

  46. hi.I’m Nga.I was born in Bac Giang,I am a studiend.I’m 22 years old.I want to speak English for each other

  47. hi, everybody. my name’s yen. can we be friends? i want to make with you and speak English to you.i hope that we help improve our level English together.

  48. I’m in Hanoi

  49. hi, everybody. I’m Phương. IM in HCM city. Im interested in languagues, especially English. IM 22 year old. nice to discuss with you all about English. My nickname: dinh_phuong18

  50. My name is David, I am a 50 year old American. I am a lecturer at a university here in HCMC, and I’m interested in helping people who want to practise english and in making new friends. I also sing in Vietnamese. Maybe form a group for english conversation? District 7 is convenient for me.


    • Dear David, thanks for your offer. I hope some students will find you 🙂 I guess many of them are rather shy 🙂

  51. Hi David,

    My name is Vy. I’m living at hcm now. I’m working as an engineer. I’m always using English in my working. But my English skills isn’t good so we can make a friend each other. So I can teach you Vietnamese otherwise you can teach me English.

  52. Hi! My name Luisa. I am from Moscow. I study English and i looking for native speaker.
    Call me please in Skype- StewardessL

  53. 2!everybody.
    These are the second times I’ve joined this page since last year.I’m Nguyen,I’m a third-year student at Hue Junior College of education, I’m from Dong Ha-Quang Tri.I’m 22 years old.
    Glad to meet you all especially anyone’s from Hue or Quang Tri.
    My speaking E. is not well,I’m trying to communicate with E. fluently ’cause my job in the future demands it.
    Please contact me at: whiteangle_gl_2007@yahoo.com.
    Thank you for noticing my comment.
    Have a nice weekend!

  54. Hi my family and my friends!
    My name’s Nguyen- I’m from Dong Ha- Quang Tri- Viet Nam, I’m 22 years old. Now I’m studying at Hue Junior College of Education- Vietnamese Studies branch.
    This is the second times I’ve joined this web since last year.
    I very want to speak E. well so glad to meet u all.
    Please contact me at: whiteangle_gl_2007@yahoo.com.
    Thank you!

  55. hi all,
    I’m living in HCMC. I find it fun to chat w others in english (or french). Hope there will be someone alike.
    contact me on harunosensei@yahoo.com, correspondence will do to ^^

  56. Hi this is saikat, I am a science graduate. Now Iam searching for job. But I am facing problem in english. Now I got a platform where I can try to commit mistake and make those correct.

  57. Its a superb attempt. Hats off for providing this kind of platform. And its really an innovative idea also. One open request to all of my friends. Those who find mistake in my english please make me correct.

    • hi saikat!please to meet u!I’m nguyen, I’m from quang tri.I want to speak E. but I’m shy and I don’t say anything when meet a foreign tourist. I’ll behappy when you help me this.

  58. Hi every body, I am a freshman there, and I see that there are almost all of you want to practice English and me too. But May I ask that have you ever had any real plan? I asked that question because if we just enter this site, leave information and wait for someone help us, it is not a really good way. Why dont we hold a real club where we can talk, face to face, just ONLY ENGLISHt accepted there. I know it is a bit impolite to recommend that at first time, but i really want to join a real club, so if I make any of you angry, I am so sorry. On the other hand, if any one there care about that recommendation, please contact me at Lion1603 (for yahoo).
    I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  59. Thanks all for your support and comments. Since this post has been outdated, it will not receive any more comment and reply. Whenever there is news about English club we’ll start new post for it.

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