Thank you :)

Dear all,

Thanks, yeah, big thanks to our precious Authors. We all are now busy and rarely have chance to get online for the blog, and it was our precious Authors who have spent their time checking comments, replying and writing posts.

There are some unpublished drafts going on. Just to make sure for our Authors, when you are finished and want to publish please make sure that you hit the “Publish” button instead of “Save”, then check if the article has been posted (I have done it wrong several times then realized my post was not online till days later 😦 )

Other thanks go to our readers. We received helpful comments from our readers as Tâm, Hong Thuy, Khac Phuoc,… (I’m sorry I can’t remember all ^_^ ), and use them to update our post. We also have a comment from a special “reader”, Paul Scott from replying our concerns about the Blog Competition on BBC Learning Network that has been mentioned in one of our posts 😀 .

Recently, even though we don’t get online often, we still think of the blog and, hopefully, when we have more free time to come back there will be some new ideas for our blog. It will be nice to receive new ideas from our Readers and Authors, too. I hope our blog will be beneficial to many students 🙂

Have a great semester to all,

– englishstudyforvms –


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