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Let me give it a try. Since I find Vietnamese newspapers untrustworthy, I give up reading them all. It would be nice if our friends can write here in English some messages that bring a piece of our country to this blog. Any kinds of news are welcome provided they are reliable. Then we can discuss more from there.
First, I start with yesterday’s news 🙂 . Yesterday was my birthday and today is somebody else’s. So Happy Birthday to that somebody else. All of my friends and relatives wished me good luck in … finding a soul mate. See how desperate I am now. Watch and avoid mistakes, my dear friends 🙂
How about you? Do you have anything to say?


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  1. If you think like this, you should not live in Vietnam for the rest of your life. Also, you should not be a Vietnamese!

  2. Happy belated birthday anh Luan, I wish you a fruitful math work year and and a wonderful job offer coming. And most importantly, you could whisper in somebody’s ear soon: “honey, this is it. I finally find you”

  3. Du, Thank you for your wishes. Are you telling a fairy tale 🙂 ? By the way, I believe you will be successful there.

    To Anony, I didn’t expect to receive such a prompt and harsh reply 🙂 . But don’t be so sure about what you said. Nobody can prevent me from being a (true) Viet person. What you should blame instead is the Vietnamese media. They let me down many times and I’m so tired of it. However, this is a good start.

  4. Anonymous, all of us here are and are proud to be Vietnamese. Just that some of us know a little more than you do. Not that all the information are not correct but “mo^.t la^`n ba^’t ti’n va.n la^`n ba^’t tin” is the Vietnamese proverb that I believe speaks what a Luan would like to say.

    He wants to know news from our country and he wants to know the TRUE news, not the painted one that we are likely to get from the Media. Don’t get me wrong, other countries including the USA face same problem, too.

    Your comment is real hard but I won’t delete it because any can speak what they think, and we are not afraid of your comment as “Ca^y ngay kho^ng so*. che^’t ddu*’ng.”

    And finally, from now on any more discussion about this matter will be deleted.

  5. To a Luan: Happy birthday from us, and that your wishes may all come true.

  6. OK, put that issue aside, though it wasn’t meant to be an issue 🙂 I’m waiting for your news.
    Please tell me something about life there. It must change a lot since my last visit in 2002. Half of a decade has passed …

  7. By the way, how are TV programs there? Many games, many comedy shows, many musical shows, many talent shows, … ?

  8. It’s has been a hectic week (as always at the beginning of each semester). Let’s relax a write some “linh tinh”.

    @anonymous: What makes you think that reading the news from newspaper (controlled by the government) will make you a vietnamese? Forgive me, I have been away for some time and don’t know that’s the definition nowsaday. I read the news from many sources (vietnamese + english), filter them, make comparison and then draw my own conclusion. Should that make me less vietnamese?

    @Luan: I guess you are trying to get them to report news in English then improve their writing. Do you expect them to write things which go against what you considered untrustworthy? I don’t! Well, don’t drag them in difficult positions.


    Comment by administrator:

    LD requested the rest to be removed.


  9. BTW, the blog has a new face and it is kind of dizzy to me. Is it just me? 😦

  10. Mr. LD put this blog’s administrators in a very difficult position 🙂 . Also, it’s impossible to translate that piece of news into English.

    The blog’s new theme isn’t exactly an improvement 🙂

  11. If there are a handful of actors and actresses on stage, does that still make it a good play? I think it does. So, what do you want? Directing or a leading role? Just give me a supporting role. I’m quite happy with that here and for now. 🙂

  12. Dear thay Dung and a Luan,

    Thank you for your comments about the new theme. I am looking for a new theme and try this one. Well… let’s try it for about a week 🙂 and if you don’t feel any better about this theme we may try another one or come back to the old one 🙂

  13. Well, about Luan’s complaint about news source: what I often do ever since Google News became available is to go there and put a search on “vietnam”. You’ll get news from AP, Reuter and other Western medias. Of course you still need to exercise you r intelligence 🙂

  14. I want to improve my english

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