An earthquake in linguistics ?

I believe most of us have heard about Noam Chomsky from our language teachers. He revolutionized linguistics in the 50s so much that linguists have considered him as Einstein in their field since then. I heard that they even call the time before Chomsky B. C.…

In the link above, you can see that Daniel Everett, a professor from Illinois State University, challenges the theory of universal grammar of Chomsky. This is somehow like someone challenges the theory of relativity of Einstein. Experts are still debating about that. However, Everett himself is also an expert and he has spent 30 years to study the Amazonian tribe to make sure that he really discovers something new and shocking. One of the linguists at Wayne State also believes Dan has a foot to stand on. So, this is hopefully not like someone in Vietnam who is not even a physicist tried to prove that Einstein was wrong. Wait and see, probably, something fun is gonna happen.


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