Food safety in Vietnam

I think the following news article is another good topic for discussion. 

HANOI, Vietnam – As Nguyen Van Ninh needles his chopsticks through a steaming bowl of Vietnam’s famous noodle soup, he knows it could be spiked with formaldehyde. But the thought of slurping up the same chemical used to preserve corpses isn’t enough to deter him.

“I think if we don’t see those chemicals being put in the food with our own eyes, then we can just smack our lips and pretend that there are no chemicals in the food,” he said, devouring a 30-cent bowl of “pho” on a busy Hanoi sidewalk. “Why worry about it?”;_ylt=A0WTUeou43RGz38B_gUDW7oF


10 Responses

  1. “Ở bẩn sống lâu”, hồi nhỏ cứ nghe nói dzậy 🙂

    Con gái mình từ nhỏ được hứng như hứng hoa, mưa nắng là ở trong nhà, mà cứ ghé bác sĩ thường xuyên! Trong xóm có một nhóc, đen thủi đen thui, gọi là Cu Đen. Hắn tối ngày chơi cạnh miệng cống, tắm mưa, mò bãi rác … Khoẻ như trâu!

    Nhân gian ba vạn bốn nghìn ngày là mấy
    Tợp một hơi (bia) cho thoả chí tang bồng
    Đánh bát phở, thịt bầy nhầy có ngại ?
    Một đùi cầy, mới thấm Lỗ Trí Thâm

    Ai ơi, giữa cõi hồng trần
    Sướng không được sướng, thôi đành đi tu!

    Nói bậy bạ cho dzui thôi!

  2. Oh c’mon! I can’t read that!!!! Haha…

  3. “Dirty living, last longer”, that’s what I heard since I was a kid.
    My daughter was taken care of so carefully, but we had to take her to visit a doctor every month. In our neighborhood, there was a boy called “Cu Den” (meaning his peepee is black) who played near the sewage, next to the trash dump, in the rain, … He was like a buffalo!
    Our lives, 100 years means what?
    Have a drink, be relax.
    Eat noodle, who cares how the meat was prepared
    Hold a dog leg, you feel like a monk who dared
    My friend, living in this world
    If no fun, you should get in a convent!
    Just for fun 🙂

  4. People who live in VN are used to eating food with certain substances in it, so most people have become immune to its effects. (However, if a newcomer eats it, of course there would be some problems.)
    What you don’t know can’t hurt you!

  5. We know that because we are still alive now. But the fact that in Vietnam it is hard to eat food without substances in it – people say that, so If you like to eat one you eat it and don’t think about there is a substance in it or not. “Ở dơ sống lâu hahaha”

  6. I think we should explain to Uyen in a few sentences about the character Lo Tri Tham in the sentence
    “Mot dui cay, Lo Tri Tham”.
    Lo Tri Tham is one of 108 special characters in Thu?y Hu+?, a classical Chinese novel, with extraordinary strength. If I remember correctly, he can kill a tiger with his bare hands. However he is not a good monk :), a good monk does not eat any meat, but Lo Tri Tham eats meat, and even worse, dog meat 🙂

  7. Vẫn nghe:

    “Sống thi không ăn thịt chó
    Chết về âm phủ, biết có mà ăn”

    Let p = “Sống thi không ăn thịt chó” and q=”Chết về âm phủ, không có chó mà ăn”.

    (p->q) là câu trên. Tương đương với (not p or q) (hoặc (not q -> not p)). Nghĩa là “Chết lên thiên đàng có thịt chó mà ăn” thì suy ra “Sống phải ăn thịt chó”.

    Nếu không khoái thì xét phủ định của nó là (p and not q) nghĩa là: “Sống thi không ăn thịt chó” thì “Chết lên thiên đàng, có chó mà ăn”.

    Good monk lên thiên đàng, đằng nào cũng sẽ ăn thịt chó ? 🙂

  8. If you say that we can find dog meat in heaven, then Vietnam must be heaven 🙂 Have a look at the following picture taken in VN

  9. Tasty! 🙂

  10. as i know many vietnamese people like dog meat, but when seeing this animal’s killed it’s so crual.anyway it’s my view.
    also i’m the one who doesn’t like that food.
    In European countries people love animals very much, especially dogs.

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