Blog’s news and some suggestion. Authors and Readers please read :)

It is so nice to see our Blog grows. In this post we will announce some news from our Blog and some suggestions collected from our Authors and Readers.


Yeah, good news. There are more students back home give comments, and others are encourage to do so. Don’t hesitate fearing that your English is not good enough to express anything, just try and you will get better.

Next, we now have a very young and active member. She gave out lots of comments recently 😉 . (I don’t know if you realized it or not, her English style is not like most of us. I should say that hers is the American English 🙂 ) Introducing Uyên, Dr. Dũng’s daughter, our new Author. We are happy to have her here, together with our other Authors who are very strong in American English as anh Thống, thầy Dũng, … She offers to help us, so you guys back home better take this opportunity to “speak” more here 😉


Following are some suggestions received either from email or from comments in the blog.

1. About our Online resources posts: Beside citing a good and interesting website, we may better have some words of introduction for that website: why it is interesting, what kind of information we can get there, what we can do there, the interesting features it offers, …

2. About speaking practice: we are forgetting it. Speaking is our weakest part in the TOEFL test and it seems like we don’t have enough practice for it. Basically we can’t practice speaking by writing comments but it can help in some extend.

Here is a suggestion: we may post the Speaking Topics as we did with Writing topics. You try to complete it as you were taking the test, record your speaking, then type it and post it here online so others can give comments and suggestions. As for speaking topics, you guys at home will be responsible for searching it and posting it here 🙂 We now need some more Authors/Contributors at home who are willing to do this. Remember that doing this don’t just benefit others but will benefit you a lot 🙂



One Response

  1. Uyên, Bé Mi or Mimi, got to the US when she was 6 years old. She did not know a word in English. The next day she got to the US, she went to her kindergarden and then got home crying because she did not know what people were talking about. Three months later, she was promoted to 1st grade. See how kids pick up a new language?

    I don’t say that her grammar is better than any of our bloggers since I know that we are trained differently. However, she surely know how to use english (american) in its most naturality. I hope that she can help us (I am one!) to make our writing more acceptable to americans.

    She may take up a lot of comment space because it is summer break and she gets bored. 🙂 Bear it with her! Feel free to tell her if she goes overboard, OK ? 🙂

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