Discuss topics – 1 – Same sex marriage

Here is a topic suggested by anh Son – “Should we legalize same-sex marriage ?”

Originally I posted this under the “Writing practice” section, but I figure out I shouldn’t. We may better have a new category “Discuss topics” for all of our free style discussing 🙂

Enjoy this interesting topic 😉


One Response

  1. AAAAAAAH! I love this topic 😀

    But seriously, they shouldn’t make same-sex marriage illegal because by doing so, they would be taking away rights of certain individuals (aka DISCRIMINATION), and in this case it’s homosexuals. In the US, that action would be going against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Discrimination against homosexuals is just as wrong and inhumane as discrimination against African Americans!

    I say: let them do whatever they want! We can’t blame them for being the way they are, and they can’t help it! It’s their decision and it should be their right to marry whomever they choose.

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