Mars and Venus in the workplace

by John Gray

Imagine that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. A long time ago, we got together, fell in love, and decided to live together on Earth.

At that time, we were really much different than we are today. Men nurtured the family by working outside the home and women nurtured the family by working inside the home. Venusians tended to be more relationship-oriented and Martians were more work-oriented. Together, yet in separate worlds, they formed harmonious partnerships. With this clear division of labor, they handled everything and lived happily ever after.

Gradually, the Venusians tired of just taking care of the family and wanted to work in the outside world and earn money like men. They felt constricted being dependent on their mates and wanted to be independent and autonomous as well. More and more, women at different stages of life were becoming involved in the process of earning a living by making a meaningful contribution in the workplace as well as at home or in their personal relationships.

In a similar manner, some Martians began to change. They started becoming more relationship-oriented. While women were wanting to get involved in developing careers outside the home, men were realizing there was more to life than just work. A quality home life with meaningful relationships was becoming as important and meaningful as success at work. Fathers were becoming more involved in the process of parenting.

Although this was a good and natural change, it triggered enormous confusion, conflict, and frustration in workplace. To make matter worse, Martians and Venusians suffered selective amnesia. They forgot that men and women were supposed to be different and that the differences were good.  

Extracted from “Mars and Venus in the workplace”,Macmillan,2002.


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  1. Bạn ơi bạn có thể cho mình 1 vài địa chỉ để luyện reading and listening ko. Hoặc bạn có thể post mấy bài có chỗ để trả lời xong nó sẽ chấm điểm luôn cho mình ko bạn??

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