A writing game…

Instruction: This is a simple game: everyone write some sentences (or 1 paragraph) based on the previous sentences so that the whole story makes sense.

Once upon a time, I was in a cafeteria drinking coffee and thinking about life, the universe and everything … After a few minutes, I got bored and started looking around. I noticed a nice lady sitting in a table next to me. She was reading a book and sometimes smiling on her own.

I came to her table and asked her which book she was reading.

-Is it a joke book? I asked,

-‘Yes’, she said, ‘it is a joke book about scientists’, she continued. I told her that I was working with some mathematicians and there were a lot of funny stories about them. After that I sat down at her table and we began to talk.

-‘Oh, so you must be smart!’, her eyes were blinking. ‘I am very bad in calculus …!’

I felt flattered …

Suddenly, another guy showed up at the table. He was about 6 feet tall. He was the biggest man that I had ever seen. He went slowly to the table and sat down. I thougth, “he must be her boyfriend”, and my chance would have disappeared. He exclaimed: “Thuy Trang!”. It must be her name, a beautiful name.  She paused, her eyesbrow frown, looked perplexed and was wondering how this man knew her name.

-‘We went to the same highschool, don’t you remember me?’ – he said.

-‘Ah, now I remember’ – she exclaimed, sounded like a mum who just recognized her long lost son 🙂 . ‘What are you doing now ?’

-‘I am studying for a law degree here.’

I felt relieved and redundant…

-‘I know many funny jokes about lawyers’, I said.

-‘Sorry, have we met before ? My name is Robert. Nice to meet you’, the tall man said.


11 Responses

  1. I come to her table and ask her which book she is reading. Is it a joke book? I ask her, she says yes, it is a joke book about scientist, she continues. I tell her that I am working with some mathematicians and there are a lot of funny stories about them, and after that I sit down at her table and we have a talk.

  2. Past tense should be used here.

    Sound interesting. Keep going!

  3. Yuppy!!! This should help with speaking and writing skill! Mấy bạn nên hưởng ứng nhiều lên, đừng ngại 😉

  4. Yeah, he was a very big man I had ever seen before. He went slowly to the next chair and sat. In my head that time, I though my opportunity to make friend with her disappeared, but I was lucky because he was her friend at high school. Actually, she did not recognized him as her friend at the first look, but when he called her name, a beautiful name “Thuy Trang” – i still remember her name – she knitted brows for a moment and she screamed loudly as a child did not meet his mother for a long time.

  5. I said no, we had not met before. “My name is Phi, I am from Vietnam – a beautiful and friendly country”, I said. He said to me that he had been in Vietnam for 3 months in vacation. And the girl said that, she had been in Vietnam too, she said she was in Vietnam for a sumer green volunteer campaign and I saw that she was like to talk about Vietnam and so did the man. Now, I felt so happy, I could talk with both of them about my lovely country and did not feel abundant in their stories. The fact that I intended to go away when the girl met her friend but now it is fine, I have two new friends and a subject to talk.

  6. The fact that I intended to go away when the girl met her friend but it was fine after that, I had two new friends and a subject to talk.

  7. Did you ask her phone number and make some apointment after? 🙂

  8. And someone please tells me the way to edit after submit! Thanks!

  9. Welcome to our blog, MaugiaotiengAnh.

    You can’t edit by yourself after submitting a comment. However, if you wish so, you may contact us at englishstudyforvms@gmail.com we’ll help you with it.

    By the way, I guessed you’d like to delete the extra comment that you made and have done it for you 🙂

  10. Thanks! And please tell me how to delete? Sorry I don’t know!

  11. I’m sorry but you can not delete your comment after posting it. Only admin can. I hope this help 🙂

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