Some of my English study experience

 I began to study English quite late, not until my 11th grade. For my highschool graduation I did not study it at all during my 12th grade, then come back to it beginning my undergraduate years, after making sure our Mathematics Department offered no French class at all.

 At that time there were not much materials available, and I didn’t have much money either :-D. I was not very hard working, but quite, enough to try to find the best way to put the English language into my head. I’ve tried to take courses in difference English Learning Centers, online courses, self study using books, magazines, and online resources… Through everything I see that the best way to study English is the combination of everything.

 If you have enough money, find a good Learning Center. Otherwise, use the money to register to one or two classes at a good Learning Center to know how they teach and how we are supposed to study. In my opinion, the not-so-good Learning Centers will simply make you get bored and sometimes give you poor strategies to study. Of course in each center there will be good teachers and not-so-good teachers but for the better Center you will have higher chance to meet a good one in your class.

 If you don’t have enough money, don’t worry. Learning English is a matter of self study more than class study, provided you have good strategies and resources. Strategies can be found in many English Books in the bookstores, and online from forums and websites. For resources, you can buy good books, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, download from internet, etc… I don’t deny the importance of good teachers, but if your presence condition does not allow you to take class with them, self study still guarranties you passing Toelf and GRE. Then once you have the opportunity to go study abroad, you will have plenty of chances to improve your English with native teachers.

 In any cases, with or without taking classes, good strategies and good resources are important. However, your own effort and dedication to the study are the key to success.


7 Responses

  1. I think that the best way to learn english is through interaction. However, the older you get, the harder it is to get used to it. I suppose it was easier for me to pick up the language quickly because I was only in kindergarten.

    Also, keep in mind that learning to SPEAK the language and learning to WRITE it is completely different, because we all tend to speak without considering the correct grammar involved.

    But you are right; effort and dedication are huge factors in studying another language 😀

  2. Yup! you are right. The older one gets the harder it is to learn a new language. I learned French beginning my 6th grade and could speak like a French girl but I simply couldn’t make it now for English 🙂

    The best way is through interaction, that’s absolutely right 😉 But if someone is in VN they won’t have that much chance to speak to a native speaker. And if they “interact” with another Vietnamese, it will be great chance that the other person’s English level is simply around them. Both speakers will use the Vietnamese style English to speak to each other 😀

    Thank you for pointing out that learning to speak and learning to write are completely different. I was aware of that but have not found any good solution so far. As we are in a blog the only way we can do is … write 😦

  3. Hahaha that’s right. It’s hard because when you speak, it comes naturally. It’s rare to find someone who speaks in the same manner that they write.

  4. I think the most importance is everyone have a english comunication environment and trying their’s best.
    The best way is through interaction. because when we practice with other. both of us absolutely have the mistakes and by through interaction, we will improve english day by day.

  5. I think before u have plan to learn that i think u shoulu keep some commen sense for example u should know structure of languages and how does english people thinking then u can shart u plan…..

  6. I think that ,the practicing is the key of any languages,more you practice more you will be confortable at speaking,I advice you to practice every day if you really want to speak english quickly

  7. I think nobody knows the best way how to learn English. We hear only words without meanings and nothing else, there is no advice. Only every days hard work gives you some result, we all know about it, but unfortunately it’s difficult to do………. I am very frustrated.:(

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